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Mens sana in corpore sano

A healthy body is in a healthy mind

Dr. Healman helps patients cope with various difficulties that arise and affect mental and physical tranquility. Don’t stay alone with the problem, let’s solve it together.

About Dr. Healman

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 74% of people are in constant stress and live with depression or anxiety. Unfortunately, these numbers are growing every year and Dr. Healman can’t stay out of this. He conducts regular sessions of talk therapy, which are in person or through a video call (online).

Therapy is an excellent option for individuals or couples who would like to understand themselves and their relationships in comfortable conditions.

Therapy types

Pick up which type of therapy suits you the best.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy includes counseling for a person’s self-awareness and personal growth. This therapy allows to understand thoughts, emotions, and behavior patient guides in his life.

Couple's therapy

Therapy for couples is aimed at finding the causes of a crisis and solving internal issues in relationships. Remember, there is always a solution to any difficulties encountered in life.

Marital therapy

Marital or family therapy acts as a workable way to restore family relationships: finding issues and solutions. With the help of a qualified consultant, each family member is invited to express and explore their thoughts and emotions.

Online video therapy

Dr. Healman can receive patients from anywhere in the world. Online therapy may help you set the goals and determine the manageable steps necessary for their implementation and learn to identify and overcome both external and internal obstacles.

Children and teen therapy

This therapy aims to help young parents cope with the child’s behavior, understand child psychology, and ensure a kid and teenager with a safe place to grow and solve the problems.

Divorce therapy

This therapy helps divorced couples to find a common language for couples with children, learn to forgive each other, and spend time together.

Get Therapy Right Now

" Serious about improving yourself or your relationship? Get professional counseling from a licensed therapist. I help people overcome difficulties with understanding and without judgment.

Make an appointment at a convenient time for you without extra calls. I am available to you on weekdays in the morning, afternoon and evening, and Saturday during the first half of the day. "


Dr. Healman is an exceptional counselor. He has the knowledge to help you dive deep into your mental wellness. He provided me with tools that can affect or change the mindset. He helped me set other accents in my life. I sincerely thank Dr. Healman for all the help.

A review was written by Phoebe Willson after counseling with Dr. Healman for 2 months on issues, family conflicts, coping with life changes, coaching, and fatigue.

I have been suffering from depression for over 30 years. I visited many therapists who tried to cure this ailment with the help of medications and uncommon practices, and none of them helped. I had a very tough time in my life and even accepted that I was a broken person, that my depression and anxiety were treatment-resistant, that I'd achieved no meaningful goals. In the middle of the quarantine, I felt terrible, and I needed to talk to a specialist. One of my friends advised online therapy with Dr. Healman. It's not an understatement to say that Dr. Healman changed my life. He was obviously helpful, and always available by chat, along with our scheduled weekly video calls. Overall, it was a satisfying experience. Now I feel better.

A review was written by Jorge Rosdon after counseling with Dr. Healman for 2 months on issues concerning depression, career difficulties, and ADHD.

We enjoyed working with Dr. Healman. We feel completely understood and at ease with the therapist. He listens and gives some of the best practical advice. He helped us understand that when you are in love, you can cope with everything.

A review was written by Andrew and Diana Smith after counseling with Dr. Healman for 2 weeks on relationship issues.

My experience of working with Dr. Healman was proficient. He supported me during all the therapy periods. Thanks to him, I could overcome a very stressful period in my life and become a better mom. I very much appreciate his attempts to make me a stronger person. Best wishes to him and his team.

A review was written by Emily Phillips after counseling with Dr. Healman for 7 weeks on issues concerning overcoming postpartum stress and parenting.

Dr. Healman helped me a lot. During our conversations, he helped me focus on solutions that meet my best interests, and that works well for me. He helped to understand the reasons for the fear of public speaking, and we developed methods for abstracting the stress from experiencing during business presentations. I recommend Dr. Healman to anyone who needs an understanding and determined therapist.

A review was written by Sarah Jacobson after consulting Dr. Healman for 1 month on issues related to stress and anxiety in society.

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