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My name is Simon Healman. I am an experienced psychologist and I am specializing in marriage and family therapy. From childhood, I was interested in understanding how human relationships work and how to correct the situation if something went wrong.

As a child, I noticed that various things that happen in our lives result from our behavior and attitudes towards these things and people.

I became a psychologist because I wanted to study what I like, i.e looking at things through different lenses, and to find solutions from uncommon situations. It has always been my passion. Helping people to make peace out of troublesome situations and achieve success in personal development. These are the basic rules of my professional efforts.

By analyzing the surrounding events, I try to analyze and determine how the quality of my life is deeply improved thanks to self-reflection. This is an invaluable lesson in suffering and a deepening insight of who I am. I want to help people feel confident, to be who they are, and do not insult other people to feel better.

I can listen, I can express my opinion in time, and sent a person to introspection. I want to help people in their transformation to become more loving, tolerant, and compassionate ones.

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