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Children and Teen Therapy

Dr. Healman offers children and teen therapy in the following areas:

Children Therapy includes the following areas:

The Feeling Word Game

This technique involves communication during the game. The therapist tells stories until the child raises the underlying issues that he or she is dealing with. This is a great way to encourage your child to start therapy and to identify the problems he has.

The Slow-Motion Game

This technique is used to help your child learn self-control and how to build them through play.

Bubble Breaths

This technique is a great way to present attentive breathing and a good mechanism to deal with such strong emotions as anger or anxiety. In this play therapy technique, the therapist uses bubbles to explain to the child an important concept. “Bubble Breaths” can drive out anxiety.

Positive Postings

This talk therapy method enables the therapist to test and improve the child’s self-esteem and stimulate a positive conversation with himself. The lesson requires construction paper, colored pencils or markers, and notes. This technique can also be adapted for group and family therapy sessions.

Small Talk Family Discussion Cards Handout

“Discussion cards” are used to fuel a conversation between family members. Cards are aimed to get to know the family and individual family members. These discussion questions can help families improve communication and get to know each other better.

Emotion Faces Handout

This method of therapy provides nice and easy-to-understand examples of how different emotions can look on your face. It is used to increase the child’s ability to recognize various emotions.

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