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Couples Therapy

Dr. Healman offers couples therapy in the following areas:

Couples Therapy includes the following areas:

Gottman’s Method

This method aims to increase commitment, closeness, and respect for each other. This style of therapy focuses on conflict management rather than conflict resolution. The couple is asked to recreate an acute sense of empathy and understanding. Therapy includes creating love cards, common dreams, and working on trust and devotion.

Family Systemic Therapy

This area explores family as a system, where individual family members play roles that are intertwined in their relationship to create a problem universal among the family. Each role is discussed in detail to determine cause and effect among members and solve the problem.

Psychodynamic & Psychoanalytic Theory

These psychological practices help to understand the past and determine how it influences the present. During therapy, patients talk about their feelings about the situations that arise.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

EFT focuses on relationships with adults through an analysis of each person’s attachment style. The therapist helps to identify patterns in relationships and takes steps to create a more reliable relationship and develop more trust to promote the relationship in a more healthy and positive direction.

Narrative Therapy

This therapy offers the prospect of separating the couple from their problem and inspecting the problem. The goal is to create more impartial and meaningful relationships that help couples and families feel closer by reuniting through their strengths.

Understanding Therapy

With this therapy, your therapist carefully examines, collects, and analyzes your communication style. Thus, the therapist helps each partner understand past problems and possible unmet emotional needs of each other.

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