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Individual Therapy

Dr. Healman offers individual therapy in the following areas:

Individual therapy includes the following practices:

Psychodynamic & Psychoanalytic Theory

These psychological practices help to understand the past and determine how it influences the present. During therapy, patients talk about their feelings about the situations that arise.

Relational Therapy

This therapy allows you to develop your feelings with the help of which you can understand how others perceive your attitude, feelings, and behavior.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This form of therapy focuses on changing emotions, behavior, and thoughts. CBT focuses on decisions and strategies in trying to change patterns of behavior.

Holistic and Transpersonal Therapy

This therapy is aimed to determine the relationship between the body, mind, and spiritual connection. Therapy helps to find harmony between body and spirit.

Somatic/Body Centering and Awareness

This technique allows you to determine the experience of your feelings and awareness. Thus the therapist helps to explore sensations your body feels.

Gestalt Therapy

This style of therapy emphasizes the personal responsibility and concentration of the present moment, the relationship between the therapist and the client, using the methods of dream.

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