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Payment& Insurance

We work with insurance to save your personal expenses and reduce the hassle associated with registering and awaiting reimbursement.

If you are satisfied with the personal presence at the session and the online connection is not suitable for you, you can use the account freeze service.

We help you contact us and will do our best to quickly respond to your request. Take advantage of our free telephone consultations to book an appointment with Dr. Healman.

What to expect

We try to provide you with therapy relevant to your needs. We believe that as a client of Dr. Healman you deserve:

1. Privacy

Insurance companies often require extensive personal information before covering your treatment. We do not need that.

2. Goals tailored to you

Insurance companies often set a time frame for therapy. We give you the opportunity to decide.

3. Existing insurance

Most methods do not help with a refund. We do. We check, ship, and receive a quick refund on your insurance to minimize your cash expenses.

4. Familiar payment methods

We simplify the management of your payment. We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

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